We have the most delightful Underdog hounds looking for their forever home. Our dogs are specifically selected for the project as they demonstrate the ability to be trained and are generally bright and eager to learn. They have received basic clicker training, have been socialised with older children and would really flourish as part of a family.


Arab is a big, strong, loveable boy who will bring endless love and joy to to a home. He is as goofy and playful as he is smart and always has a wag going and a big smile on his face.

He would be suited to a home with no smaller dogs and no young children. No cats!

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Tiger is a big teddy bear with a big, cuddly heart. He is so smart but mostly because he is very partial to lots of treats. He loves lazing around getting cuddles and attention so doesn’t need long walks. Nevertheless he is great on a leash and has the biggest, squishiest personality.

No toddlers or small dogs and would suit a busy household as he likes to be around people. No cats!

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Penelope is a sweet, kind 3 year old lady who is enthusiastic about all things cuisine related. She’s bright, affectionate and so focused during her training sessions at The Underdog Project. The children love working with her and we all feel it’s time this special girl got a family of her very own.

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Cuzzie, a dapper, mature gent. He deserves a home with someone who won’t leave him for hours on end, perhaps someone who works from home or part time. He loves his walks, especially exploring the forest. He needs a stable, predictable routine and someone who will consider working with a dog behaviorist so as to set him up for success.

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Tazer is a 3 year old trail running enthusiast. He loves playing ball and keeping mentally and physically stimulated. No couch potatoes need apply. He’s a sweet boy with so much character. He is very fun loving and loves object play.

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Hamster is a cuddly, bouncy boy who makes very strong connections with people. He is very playful and alert and LOVES playing with balls.

He would suit an active home.

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Brando is a fun loving hound with a quirky, loving personality characterised by the sweetest underbite. He has a soft heart and is a gentle boy who would make an awesome hiking buddy or trail running companion.

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Dio is a soft, shy boy who was brought back to DARG because his family could no longer keep him. He adores cuddles and love and learns his manners and tricks fast. He is a true gentleman that just wants to please and always has a smile on his face.

Dio would suit a home that is willing to give him the time and love he deserves so that he can feel safe and trust again.

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Delta is a real quirky, fun loving chap. He has the sweetest curls on his back and the softest eyes that just want to connect and please. He has been at DARG since a puppy and has always been overlooked, which is very sad as he is a wonderful dog with so much love to give.

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Romeo is Delta’s brother and has also been at DARG since he was a pup. This boy is super sensitive and kind and really struggles in the kennel environment so would thrive in a loving home. He is very smart and loves nothing more than ‘getting it right’ and making his trainer happy.

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Dan loves nothing more than the beach! He is always smiling and ready for a love session or a game. He is super clever and learns his tricks fast. He would make a very loyal, loving companion.

Best suited to a home with no kids under 14.

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Sunny is the cleverest pooch on the block. She engages in training and loves it! She has lots of energy and a massive heart and she loves to run and play.

Sunny is best suited to an active home with a family that is willing to put in time training with her.

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This clever girl has a big, soft heart and a personality to match. She is loyal and goofy and loves to train and play. She loves the beach and would make a fantastic, loyal family dog.

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